Words and styling by Emma Freeman (The Tea Lady).
Photography and styling by Stuart Freeman (The Tea Gentleman).

About Emma

Emma Freeman, The Tea Lady

Born in London and raised in Sydney by an English mother and anglophile father, the day never officially started until the kettle boiled and a pot of tea was on the brew (Ceylon Orange Pekoe x Darjeeling).

Tea is my biggest distraction and greatest motivator. How many words have I written fuelled by a hot cup of Sencha or a pot of Earl Grey? Spreadsheet, or another cup of Chai? Tax return, or 15 cups of Chamomile? Tea can soothe me when I’m on the edge of mania, and inspire me when I’m a blank, useless chalkboard.

While I’m not shy of a cup of coffee, the world of tea  seems an endless ocean to ponder: matcha to kombucha, white tea to tisane, English Breakfast to jasmine, and iced to bubble. How to brew it, blend it, taste it, cook with it, use it as compost. How to know if it’s come from a fair and ethical place.

I’m no tea expert, but I’m deeply tea-curious. I’m no lady either, but the tea part fits me to a T.


Contact me via teamail: emma@thetealady.org

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